If you reside near or commute using any of the following roadways, 
you will likely be impacted by the City's alarming plan to increase traffic: 

Grand Central Parkway • Van Wyck Expressway
Whitestone Expressway • Astoria Boulevard
College Point Boulevard
Cross Island Parkway • Northern Boulevard • Roosevelt Avenue

Defeat the ramps. Prevent the traffic.

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I am opposed to the construction of the proposed ramps to and from the Van Wyck Expressway; I reject the reduction in quality of life that will result from significant adverse impacts to be caused by the ramps and the associated development; and I therefore insist that NYSDOT and FHWA dis-approve the proposed ramps. 
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From time to time, City government tries to pull a fast one – Quietly approving a major project while keeping its anticipated harmful side effects under wraps. The public only finds out after it's too late, then regrets not having paid attention sooner.

If City planners get their way, it's about to happen again. The City is quietly attempting to proceed with its ill-conceived plan to construct additional Van Wyck access ramps and a huge $4 billion development project right at the intersection of our most popular roadways. If this plan is implemented, Queens residents and commuters will suffer extraordinary traffic congestion.

Incredibly, all experts – including City planners – agree that the ramps-and-development scheme will cause extraordinary traffic congestion in Queens. Even the City's own traffic study admits and quantifies it.

In addition to creating intolerable traffic, the plan also includes a dangerous, new left-lane exit, which is apparently the only way to shoehorn one of the ramps into the existing Van Wyck Expressway/Whitestone Expressway crossover.

Here are samples of what traffic experts have said about the City's plan:

•   "... the Project, as proposed, will do irreparable harm to the well-being and safety of the general public ... I have never seen this level of unmitigated impact, in the forty years I've been practicing." (Traffic expert Bernard Adler)

•   " ... much slower speeds, and bumper-to-bumper congestion ... traffic on the ramps will become intolerable; speeds of less than two miles per hour ..." (Traffic expert Michael O'Rourke)

•   "Significant adverse local traffic impacts were identified in the FGEIS [Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement] ..." (URS Corporation vice president Gill Mosseri)

•   "The substantial increases on the Van Wyck Expressway in both directions would be due to traffic entering from and exiting to the new access ramps connecting the highway to the Willets Point Development District." (Environmental Impact Statement, p. 17-75)

And yet, despite knowing that severe traffic congestion will certainly result, City planners still insist on implementing their grand ramps-and-development scheme in Queens. These same planners are also trying to create the impression that this is all a done deal, and that we can't do anything to stop it.

But fortunately for New Yorkers, this disastrous plan can never proceed without the approvals of both the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). However, despite causing severe local traffic delays, the City still expects NYSDOT and FHWA to approve the additional ramps, because the agencies use a very broad "analysis framework" that actually minimizes consideration of the ramps' devastating effects upon local residents, communities and commuters.

Therefore, we must insist that NYSDOT and FHWA give appropriate weight to the severe unmitigable traffic that is certain to result from the proposed ramps and development, and dis-approve these ramps on that basis. We must take immediate action, both to inform the final decision-making authorities of our objections, and to hold those authorities accountable. Nothing less than our quality of life is at stake.

Please register your objections to more Van Wyck ramps, associated development, and severe traffic impacts on Queens roadways by completing the Petition form, above.

Forward this Petition web site to everyone you know, who is interested in preventing traffic congestion on our roadways. The entire completed Petition will be delivered to both NYSDOT and FHWA in early 2010. The progress of this effort will be reported at this web site and by the media.

For details concerning all aspects of the proposed additional Van Wyck ramps, the City's own analysis admitting the severe adverse impacts that the proposed ramps and associated development will have upon our roadways, the statements of traffic experts, and much more, please explore the information links at the top of this page.

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